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  • Be even more extraordinary than ever before - Introducing Geocortex Essentials 4
  • Modernized Viewers - Updated 2.0 versions of our HTML5 and Silverlight viewers introduce a clean look and feel that puts the focus on your data.
  • New Extensions for Geocortex Essentials - Integrate Cityworks(R) asset management and Voyager Search(TM) with Geocortex Essentials

Why Geocortex?

When using ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Online,
Geocortex software helps you do more...


Ready-to-go features with widespread appeal and applicability give you a substantial head start. Avoid needless and time-consuming effort reinventing the wheel.

At Less Cost and Risk

Geocortex as a starting point results in far less cost than home grown development. Our approach also minimizes susceptibility to technology change over time.

With Better Results

Beyond great features, we provide a comprehensive Spatial Application Infrastructure that yields easily managed applications precisely tuned to the specific needs of end-users.

Benefits of Geocortex

Why do hundreds of organizations around the world continue to choose Geocortex year after year?

  • End-users benefit from an effective, intuitive web-mapping experience while taking advantage of innovative features that allow them to actually get things done in the real world.
  • Administrators leverage powerful, well-rounded tools to build and deploy applications using a software platform that minimizes disruptions caused by technology change.
  • Developers retain the benefits and options afforded by a custom development approach, while circumventing inefficiencies and sources of risk to their organization.
  • Managers achieve quantifiable success for their web mapping programs, by leveraging off-the-shelf technology that provides an ROI nobody else can touch.
  • Third-party consultants are able to deliver superior applications; faster and at less risk. Expert knowledge gets leveraged providing value specific to the client, not rewriting existing offerings.

News and Updates from the Geocortex Blog

Apr 15 | Read Post
By: Drew Millen

Security Update: Geocortex Software and the Open SSL Vulnerability (Heartbleed)

There has recently been media attention regarding the Open SSL vulnerability (nicknamed Heartbleed). We have been receiving questions from our customers...

Mar 31 | Read Post
By: Robert Dubicki

Instant Search is here!

Latitude Geographics is thrilled to release our major Instant Search feature, which enables a powerful new capability of Geocortex Essentials 4....

Mar 7 | Read Post
By: Steven Myhill-Jones

Geocortex & the ArcGIS WebApp Builder

Although our viewers are only one aspect of Geocortex Essentials, they are undoubtedly the public face of the product. This post...

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