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Why Geocortex?

When using Esri's ArcGIS® platform, Geocortex
software helps you accomplish even more…


Ready-to-go features with widespread appeal and applicability give you a substantial head start. Avoid needless and time-consuming effort reinventing the wheel.

At Less Cost and Risk

Geocortex as a starting point results in far less cost than home grown development. Our approach also minimizes susceptibility to technology change over time.

With Better Results

Beyond great features, we provide a comprehensive Spatial Application Infrastructure that yields easily managed applications precisely tuned to the specific needs of end-users.

Benefits of Geocortex

Why do hundreds of organizations around the world continue to choose Geocortex year after year?

  • End-users benefit from an effective, intuitive web-mapping experience while taking advantage of innovative features that allow them to actually get things done in the real world.
  • Administrators leverage powerful, well-rounded tools to build and deploy applications using a software platform that minimizes disruptions caused by technology change.
  • Developers retain the benefits and options afforded by a custom development approach, while circumventing inefficiencies and sources of risk to their organization.
  • Managers achieve quantifiable success for their web mapping programs, by leveraging off-the-shelf technology that provides an ROI nobody else can touch.
  • Third-party consultants are able to deliver superior applications; faster and at less risk. Expert knowledge gets leveraged providing value specific to the client, not rewriting existing offerings.

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Geocortex Essentials 4.4, Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.5 & Geocortex Mobile App Framework 1.3

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