Although there are hands-on workshops continuing for the next couple of days, the core Geocortex User Conference concluded yesterday for many attendees and most Latitude staff.

I think things went well. I leafed through the feedback forms this morning, and most attendees seemed glad they came. Next year, we'll concentrate on providing more user presentations for conference goers.

2009 Geocortex UCSometimes it’s all a bit exhausting on the logistics side of things, but as Steve said during the wrap-up session yesterday, there’s nothing like this event to inspire our team and remind us why we do the work we do. Our users and partners are doing some incredible stuff with the technology.

Attendance was definitely a bit lower (-5%) than last year, but given that lots of conferences out there have seen attendance drop by half this year (travel is one of the first things to get frozen during a recession), I'm pretty happy with the turnout.

We’ve actually contemplated holding the event in Seattle, which I figure might triple attendance compared to holding it here. Travel to Canada is a barrier for lots of our US customers. I guess the international aspect sometimes risks an optics issue for some organizations even though travel/accommodation costs are the same. Of course, we’d have to transport a bunch of Latitude folks down there for a week. Like with most things, there’d be advantages and disadvantages.

Thanks to everyone who joined us!