ESRI’s Web ADF ships with Map Tips.  So what is this new Dynamic Map Tips feature in Geocortex Essentials 2.3 all about?

There’s a subtle, but important difference between Geocortex Essentials Dynamic Map Tips, and the Map Tips provided by ESRI’s Web ADF: as their name suggests Dynamic Map Tips are loaded dynamically, when the user requests them.

When you turn on the default Web ADF Map Tips, each map extent change causes a request to the underlying map service for the geometry and attributes of each feature intersected by the extent.  This is less than ideal for a couple of reasons: first, it can be very slow (consider a scenario when the map extent covers an area including 25,000 parcels requiring map tips), and second it will only grab data for the first 500 features (assuming 500 is used as the feature query limit) which means that map tips will only work with some of the features shown on the map.

Dynamic Map Tips in Geocortex Essentials 2.3 work differently – instead of grabbing all of the geometry and attribute information in advance, the geometry and attribute information for the feature intersecting the mouse pointer is requested only once the mouse has been idle in one location for a set period of time.  This solves both of the problems mentioned above: map tips are scalable to accommodate map extents with thousands of visible features without a performance hit, and they will work on every visible feature.


Administrators can customize the “HoverTemplate”, and “ContentTemplate” of the map tips for each layer which has map tips enabled.  By connecting to a template defined in an external HTML file, map tips can be very feature rich including images, hyperlinks, and other dynamic content.  With the default templates, Dynamic Map Tips will display the feature label, and expand to display the configured focus fields for the target layer.