We've been running webinars for several months now, and judging by the level of attendance we're seeing on a regular basis, people seem to like them. So much so, we've added several new ones.

If you've attended one, you'll know that we like to show our host's picture (usually one of our account managers) before the webinar starts - it ties into our people-centric culture and gives attendees an idea of who they're talking to.

Steve Maddison is a Latitude account manager based in Toronto, but we don't have a standard staff photo of him yet. A few months back we needed a headshot for his webinars, but were stuck - should we use a hastily scribbled cartoon? Happy face? TAFKAP symbol?

fabioSteveMaddisonThe sales team chose Fabio.

For reference, at right is a shot of Steve in Amsterdam last year on his way to the ESRI European User Conference. If Steve grows his hair out a bit and spends a year or two in a tanning booth, they'd be almost indistinguishable.

Interestingly, not a single person has commented on the photo.