Mobile BlogWell, we made the move to Wordpress over the weekend. We originally chose Telligent’s Community Server a few years back because it appeared to fit best given our technology (e.g. we were able to use our Windows domain accounts for authentication).

Over time it became clear that since we were only using it for a single blog, it wasn’t the right fit - not to mention that they discontinued the edition of the product we were using!

Anyway, we migrated everything (including comments).

Some changes include:

  • We have changed the URL for the Geocortex Blog to: (please update your bookmarks).
  • We have started using Google’s Feedburner service for our RSS feed. The old RSS URL should still work, but you may want to update your RSS reader to use the new URL: Feedburner also allows people who don’t use an RSS reader to subscribe to our blog via email.
  • Mobile Browser compatibility! If you visit the Geocortex Blog from a mobile device, the page will be rendered appropriately.
  • Better spambot protection. We were having to manually delete comments that were being left by spambots. We now have much better tools at our disposal to prevent this problem.