Today we're announcing the release of Geocortex Essentials 2.1.1. This is our first official maintenance release. At the release of 2.0, the products team decided that we needed a way to deliver defect resolutions to customers quickly. Previously we would create patches, but patches have their own set of problems:

  • Installation of a patch involves manual steps
  • The version of the assemblies packaged with a patch are the same as the version of the release (the only way to determine if someone has a patch installed is by the timestamp and file size of the patched assemblies)
  • Creation of a patch requires overhead

So, maintenance releases will allow us to deliver defect resolutions in a product release. The idea is that we will be able to frequently release maintenance versions of our Geocortex Essentials software. You can distinguish a maintenance release from a major or minor release by looking at the software version number - we will increment the build number for maintenance releases, the minor version number for minor feature releases, and the major version number for major releases (look here for more on version numbers).

Supporting the idea of frequent maintenance releases is the development of our new installer which will support in-place upgrades as well as the traditional side-by-side installation so that applying the fixes in a maintenance release will be easy. Look for the new installer in early 2010.

To determine if a maintenance release contains resolutions to defects you are experiencing, consult the release notes. Geocortex Essentials 2.1.1 and the release notes are available on our support center.