We're releasing Geocortex Essentials 1.2 later today - I'll blog about it when I've finished cutting it and getting it out the door.

In the meantime, I thought I'd provide some advance information to those who participated in the Geocortex Essentials 1.2 Beta Program.

We had nearly a dozen participants eager to use the early releases of the 1.2 product. Everybody was given a URL to a public Defect Tracker we set up in order to log defects and features. Thanks to everyone who participated. The feedback we received was invaluable, and has definitely made 1.2 a solid release.

During the Beta Program, we held a friendly competition; whoever provided the most valuable feedback would be awarded an 80GB iPod Classic. Yesterday, after careful deliberation, we selected a winner. Congratulations to Michael Goldberg at Edwards Aquifer Authority.


It was a tight race. In fact, it was so close, we felt ethically compelled to create a runner-up prize (another 80GB iPod Classic) because Colby Free at Bexar County, provided such great feedback as well. After all, it's the holiday season.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated in the Geocortex Essentials 1.2 Beta Program. Your participation made a real difference. Stay tuned for the Geocortex Essentials 1.2 release blog post!