The recent release of Geocortex Essentials includes a major new development called Workflow.  Using workflow, administrators model their business processes by chaining together small units of work called “activities”. Built on Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, Geocortex Essentials workflow allows administrators and application developers to build smart, successful systems that reduce the cost of getting things done.

Last week we updated the Geocortex Resource Center ( with a huge amount of documentation supporting this new technology.  If you are a developer working with Geocortex Essentials 3.0, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the new workflow samples included in each of the APIs (JavaScript, Flex and Silverlight).  The samples will teach you the concepts you need to build workflow-based features or applications.

The REST API documentation has also received an upgrade and includes information about how Workflows are published on the server.

Finally, we’ve also released the help system for the desktop Geocortex Workflow Designer application.  In the downloads section of our Support Center, you will find a ZIP file containing this documentation, and a README file which describes how to deploy it so it may be launched from within Geocortex Workflow Designer.