Late last week, our viewer team released the second iteration of the Geocortex Sample Flex Viewer ("GSFV").  Although there remains some formal productization work for the GSFV, at version 2.0 the viewer has evolved well beyond our original vision of a “stopgap” viewer.   There's been lots of traction on the initial release, and this release incorporates to some great feedback.  GSFV 2.0 uses Flex 4, and works with the ArcGIS API for Flex 2.0, and the Geocortex Essentials Flex API 2.0.


Among the architectural changes for the future, we have also made a few styling updates including some polish to the look and feel and functionality.

We encourage you to build applications using the GSFV 2.0 in anticipation of shifting to the fully productized Geocortex Viewer for Flex when it is available later this year.