geocortex water webinar series

Water is the most valuable resource on Earth, and controlling it effectively is both vital and complex. Whether it’s safeguarding source water to avoid the contamination of potable water, establishing a better asset management program to meet appropriate permitting requirements, or having a detection and response plan for extreme water events like flooding or droughts, there are a considerable amount of factors that go into how water is managed in our society.


The Need for Data

When it comes to handling these many different elements, data is essential for monitoring and improving the systems that are currently in place. For example, if a fire hydrant is rusting and in desperate need of repair, that information can be identified, flagged, and tracked through a GIS solution like Geocortex.

Web GIS & Water Management

Recently, we wrapped up a three-part series of webinars that examines just how much of an impact web GIS has on the way water professionals simplify their tasks and overcome unique business challenges.

Each webinar explores key areas where web GIS is improving the water management process while also referencing how specific cities are currently deploying both Geocortex and other asset management software to help solve their problems.

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