queenvictoriaFYI, today is Victoria Day in Canada. For most Canadians, Victoria Day is just a day off that enables the "May Long Weekend" but here in Victoria I guess somebody decided to try to make a bigger deal out of it (complete with parade and fireworks). So... if your emails haven't been answered so far today (i.e. if someone here forgot to set their out-of-office response), now you know why.

For Canada-only holidays I generally come into the office (along with two or three other people, and then we take a corresponding US holiday off). Someone needs to be here since the phone keeps ringing, but an otherwise quiet office means we can get lots of work done. Answering some incoming phone calls means I get to chat with a random selection of customers (most of whom I don't get a chance to speak with day-to-day). I've already had some wonderful conversations with folks that've called in. So, if you want to catch-up or share some ideas with me, this afternoon is the perfect time.