For the last few months the Geocortex Optimizer team has been working hard on Optimizer version 1.4. One of the new features that we're excited about is a new interactive heat map reportlet. For those of you new to heat maps, a heat map is a 2 dimensional representation of data where larger values are seen as hot and smaller values are cold. Values are displayed graphically on a map using a hot to cold color scale such as red to blue. Optimizer uses heat maps to show areas that people are looking at based on the number of times a tile is requested for a particular area.  All sorts of planning decisions can be made on the basis of Optimizer's heat maps such as whether or not to purchase new imagery for a particular area or what tiles to regenerate when edits are made to underlying map data. As an aside, we used ESRI's Silverlight client side API to implement this feature which was a real joy to work with.