Although the sound quality isn’t ideal, Directions Magazine has posted a video of an interesting interview with Jack Dangermond at ESRI’s Federal User Conference in Washington, DC last week.

Jack’s a guy who knows what’s up, so I was keen to hear his thoughts. The video includes Jack’s perspective on how economic conditions have been impacting organizations that use GIS and the vendors who serve them.

At the five minute mark he notes a trend around big custom one-off implementations done by integrators getting questioned these days, with COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) solutions that do 90% of what folks want right out of the box being put in their place. Though we’ve observed it at a much smaller scale than what Jack is referring to, as a company that offers COTS solutions on top of ESRI’s COTS technology, this is a trend from which we’ve certainly been benefiting.

From global to sector-specific trends, the interview covers considerable ground. Definitely a worthwhile ten minutes.