Once again, we're facing a situation where finding the right people is the biggest obstacle to our growth. While the frequency with which we receive high-calibre applications has dramatically increased over the last couple years, we still encounter bottlenecks from time to time (that said, we've been able to hire several great people in the last six weeks and have had to get more office space).

We're especially interested in (and consistently challenged by) hiring junior account managers (a.k.a salespeople). It is unfortunate that so many new graduates have such negative associations with a career in sales. I suppose we've all had unpleasant encounters with salespeople as consumers. I can only speak for Latitude when I state my belief that it is a valuable and honorable profession when approached with a core focus on the best interests of the customer and you needn't ever sacrifice your integrity. At Latitude, our account reps don't just "sell" either... they really do act as technology advisors and our customers seem to like and respect them. I wish I knew how to translate this message into a program that would get new grads to give sales a try that might not otherwise. Anyway... if you're a new grad, there are lots of possibilities in sales out there at good companies--especially if you're a smart, friendly person who likes and understands technology.

Incidentally, if you know of anyone looking for a GIS/cartography job in the Victoria area, we posted a new position earlier today.