I always thought that code names for software products were kind of cheesy. A lot of companies use code names internally for describing an upcoming product release, some use them externally. For example, long before Windows Vista was available information on the next version of windows was coded under "Longhorn". Code names typically have themes... Longhorn is the name of a bar between the Whistler and Blackcomb ski resorts (Whistler and Blackcomb were code names for Windows XP and Windows 7 AKA "Vienna" respectively). Seemingly, Microsoft has chosen the "Whistler" theme for it's code names.

Our agile development approach has our development team releasing (either publically or internally) Geocortex Essentials every three weeks. It has become important to refer to upcoming releases of Essentials; however, the development team wasn't always sure what version number each release would correspond to (for example, should an upcoming release be labelled 1.3 or 1.2.1??). Alas, in order to accommodate flexibility in choosing version numbers, while still being able to distinctly describe and discuss upcoming releases we have adopted code names.

Geocortex Essentials code names have assumed the chocolate bar theme; thus, developers are coding heavily towards "Oh Henry".