As a second post in a series describing my favorite features in Geocortex Essentials 2.2, I've decided to talk about the text markup enhancements.

The Text Markup Enhancements encapsulate 3 features in one... actually, the requirements were originally defined as 3 seperate features but the more we looked at it, the more it made sense to roll all of the requirements into a single feature which enhances the text markup tool.

The three features are:

  1. Callout Markup: This allows users to place text markup on the map within a callout box which has a pointer to the specific location that the user clicked.  It can make text markup much more informative, and readable.
    Callout Box
  2. Feature Label Markup: This allows users to add text markup to the map, where the text is defined by the attribute values from a feature which intersects the point clicked.  For example, a user could add a label markup element to a parcel indicating it's land value.
    Select Feature Label
  3. XY Coordinate Markup: This allows users to add text markup to the map which indicates the XY coordinate at the point clicked.  XY coordinates can be displayed in map units, decimal degrees, or degrees/minutes/seconds (DMS).
    XY Coordinate Markup

Having all 3 markup tools rolled into a single text markup tool provides the additional benefit of being able to combine these features.  For example, the markup output below is a callout markup which contains a feature label, and an XY coordinate, all created from the same text markup tool from the same point on the map.

Text Markup Enhancements

Like all markup tools, once the markup has been added it can be printed in the map using the Print Templates feature, or exported with the Export Map Image feature.

I think these are great tools that will enable better collaboration between colleagues using Geocortex Essentials and I'm happy to see them in this release!