To finish the series on my favorite features included in Geocortex Essentials 2.2, this installment will describe the Media Player Integration.

Media Player Integration is actually more of a category, than a single feature.  In fact there are a number of features which together describe the integration.  At its core, media player integration provides a set of tools allowing users to select one or more features on a “media-enabled” layer and display the associated media (audio, video or imagery). 

Now, media integration in any GIS wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have a spatial component.  That’s why we’ve added a “temporal geocoder” (a term coined by Jeff Siemens, the developer who wrote it).  The temporal geocoder associates points in time with XY coordinates on the map.  This allows us to animate a cursor, “following” the feature along the map while the associated movie is playing.  As the cursor moves along a line feature (for example), the associated video displays what was captured at that location.

Video can be captured of pipelines, power transmission lines, highways or a sewer pipeline, along with the XY coordinates at snapshots in time along the video.  By hooking up the video files with a layer in Geocortex Essentials, you can skip along various points of the video by clicking on points which intersect the associated feature, then watch the video play out from any point of interest.  Of course, if the media is not spatially enabled, Geocortex Essentials will simply display the media associated with the features on the map.