How have five days gone by since my initial post and two weeks since the ESRI BPC/Dev Summit? I think a good way to judge the impact of a conference is not just how busy you were while you were there, but the required extent of follow-up on your return.

Others (such as James Fee) have already done great job of recapping these gatherings. Rather, I'll offer a few quick thoughts from my perspective, since people ask about how things went for us.

During the BPC plenary, I finally experienced the power of Twitter. I signed up for an account some months ago, and have been sitting on the sidelines as an observer (personally, I really don’t think regular tweeting is for me). It was a remarkable experience to sit in the BPC plenary and follow tweets on my iPod Touch as other people in the audience were sharing their thoughts in real-time on what they were seeing up on stage. It enriched my conference experience.

In addition to our new Platinum Business Partner status, we were also grateful to receive an “ESRI 2010 Worldwide Partner of the Year” award. We were in fact selected from among ESRI Canada partners, though it could be misconstrued we’re the ESRI 2010 Worldwide Partner of the Year rather than a ESRI 2010 Partner of the Year (as in, among the partners located outside the USA).

Darin did a joint presentation with Susann Nilsson of ESRI, which I’m told went well (unfortunately I missed it due to a parallel meeting). Apparently Jack Dangermond quietly slipped in at some point, and at the end got up and spoke for five or ten minutes which included some nice things about our product-based approach to serving customers.

We were a Gold Sponsor, and our spot in the exhibit hall (located between the bar and food) went really well. We primarily previewed what’s coming as part of Geocortex Essentials 3.0 (think REST), and people really seemed to get what we’re doing. For those keen on our take on where we’re at relative to ESRI, we’ve never felt in a better position for where things are going. I’ll talk a lot more about all this at my next Geocortex Solutions for ArcGIS Server: Current Status and the Road Ahead webinar for customers, so be sure to sign up.