Movember_latitudeMovember is a moustache growing charity event held in the month of November to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research. It amounts to a bunch of ordinarily clean-shaven guys growing (often silly) moustaches all month and collecting donations.

We had about a dozen guys in our office take part this year (about six participated last year), and on the last day of the month a bunch of us once again went to Victoria’s Tony’s Old Time Portraits to get our portrait taken. Click on the picture for a full size view. What would we do if we didn’t live in a tourist town equipped with such amenities? On the other side of the country, Brock of our Toronto office also took part and grew a sweet moustache, but the photo he sent is so ridiculous I won't embarrass him by posting it.

Though we aren't moustache guys (I tip my hat to men who can pull them off) and perhaps looked a tad goofy for the month of November, it was all for a good cause. A couple participants who grew beards/goatees are still sporting them, but all the bona-fide moustaches were gone the morning of December 1st.