Product Announcement

Latitude Geographics is pleased to announce the general availability of Geocortex Essentials 3.11 and the Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight 1.7. These product releases offer numerous enhancements and improvements. Highlights include:

Geocortex Essentials 3.11

  • Support for ArcGIS 10.1 Dynamic Layers
  • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support
  • A new Layer Security Framework: A pluggable framework for providing fine grained authorization of layers based on users and roles*
  • A new Layer Catalog Framework: A pluggable framework for providing a catalog of layers that administrators and end users may use to add layers to the current site**
  • Layer Hyperlinks: Administrators can now configure a list of hyperlinks belonging to a layer. These can be used to create automatic links to layer metadata
  • Queryable Layer Property: Administrators can now configure which layers should be included in viewer components that perform queries, such as the Query Builder
  • Numerous Workflow performance and Workflow Designer improvements, as well as 19 new and updated Workflow Activities

*In order to use the Layer Security Framework, customization is currently required; however, stay tuned for an out-of-the-box implementation enabling configurable layer authorization in the coming months.

**In order to use the Layer Catalog Framework, customization is currently required. Please consult with your Latitude Geographics Account Manager to discuss enabling this feature in your environment.

Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight 1.7

  • Now offers Dynamic Symbolization: Customize the symbology and rendering of map information. Also specify rendering based on attribute values, on-the-fly
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.1 Dynamic Layers
  • Layer Drawing Order: End-users can now drag and drop layers and map services to change the drawing order of the map
  • Filter Builder: A variation on Query Builder that allows an end user to filter the features of a layer that appear on the map
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.1 Datum Transform parameters
  • Search and Identify on user added graphics layers such as uploaded Shapefiles and CSV files (uploaded Shapefiles now honor attributes in uploaded DBF files)
  • Label Markup: The existing Text Markup tool has been enhanced to support the addition of labels for user-selected fields associated with a given location
  • Layer Hyperlinks: Layer Hyperlinks configured by an administrator are now presented in the layer action menu. These can be used to automatically link to layer metadata
  • Download Saved Project Files: End-users can now save projects to their local file system
  • Support Degrees Decimal Minutes Coordinate Format: The coordinate tools now provide support for input and output of Degrees Decimal Minutes (DD° mm.mmm’) formatted coordinates

Both releases also include various bug fixes. Please consult the release notes for more detailed information.

Installers, release notes and supporting documentation may be downloaded by licensees with an active maintenance agreement from the Geocortex Support Center. If your account is handled by an authorized Geocortex Reseller, please contact your local representative for access to installers and documentation.

Customers interested in learning more about new features introduced in Geocortex Essentials as well as the Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight are encouraged to watch a set of new feature videos that can be accessed through the Geocortex Support Center.