When we launched our new Geocortex Support Center in 2011, we challenged members to participate in our Discussion Forums by sharing knowledge,  and helping to build a strong, vibrant Geocortex user community. Prizes were offered to acknowledge key community contributors. The first contest was such a success that we ran a follow-up contest that ended on Valentine's Day (Feb 14).

A drum roll please....

After reviewing five months' of forum contributions and feedback, the Geocortex Support Team is ready to announce the winners!

Congratulations to Brad Fisher, our MVP and winner of the $1000 prize. Brad's work with Critigen on the Thames Tunnel  enterprise GIS, built on ArcGIS Server and Geocortex, provides effective tools to analyse, visualize and access information. Brad cites Geocortex’s ability to rapidly deploy feature-rich, secure map browsers as central to this important project's success. Brad has been consistently active on the Forums for the  duration of this contest, and has been a great community contributor.

Kudos also to Mike Hargreaves, another significant and helpful contributor to the Forums, who has been selected for the $500 prize. Mike is responsible  for the delivery of both WebADF and Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight interactive maps for both internal and public-facing audiences in the City of Santa Rosa.

A big "Thanks!" to both of you.

Although Brad and Mike are being specifically acknowledged, the Latitude Geographics Team salutes all contributors to the Geocortex Discussion Forums. We're thrilled to see this community thrive, grow, and help each other succeed with Geocortex software.

We're readying the next Support Center contributor contest...

Stay posted. We're really pleased with what the community has provided to date, and want to encourage contributions to the new Geocortex Code Gallery. Another iteration of our contest will run again soon.