Today we released Geocortex Essentials 3.1!  This is a major new release of Geocortex Essentials for ArcGIS Server 10 and 9.3/9.3.1.

Of particular interest we have introduced an architecture which allows you to secure your REST-based applications.  So if you are working with the Flex or Silverlight APIs, or a viewer based on these APIs you can secure your application.

REST_Security_1 REST_Security_2

(above, screenshots of REST Manager Security administration)

Security leverages the .NET Membership & Role Providers, so your users and roles can be stored in Active Directory, SQL Server, or in a simple XML file which is shipped with Geocortex Essentials.  You can also use Windows authentication which has the added benefit of allowing single-sign-on when using Silverlight.

If you are working with ArcGIS Server Web APIs and you require the ability to secure one or more applications you will be delivering to your users, Geocortex Essentials 3.1 may be your answer.

In this release we have also put a lot of effort in to the architecture to enable organizations to deploy multiple instances Geocortex Essentials REST Elements on different servers to support scalability, or elasticity in a cloud-based deployment.

Visit the Geocortex Support Center’s downloads section to grab the installer and read the documentation related to this release.  Be sure to consult the release notes for full details of everything that has changed.