Are you developing an application in SharePoint 2007? It might be time to reconsider and to move on to 2010. Rumored to be released in June, it’s looking pretty sweet.

I watched a webinar today demonstrating some of the pieces and their treatment of workflows is revolutionary. You can design your workflows using Visio 2010, then import them to SharePoint Designer for fine tuning and out they go. If that’s not enough, you can then add some custom code in Visual Studio. I love the level of integration this involves – and the standardization. You have to have good modular design in order to put things in a box and move them between applications.

The workflows themselves are much more modular now; they’ve added the ability to associate a generic workflow with a particular content type - or even with a site.  They’ve also added nested workflows – I’m not even sure when I might use this but I like the thinking behind it!

If you’re curious to read more, here's a link to the main SharePoint 2010 website. If you want to get right into the product, you can go here to download the SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Kit and here to download a VM fully loaded with the Beta.