I got an iPod Touch a few weeks ago, and made extensive use of it during a recent overseas business trip to check and respond to emails as I encountered available Wi-Fi (even when I had my laptop, I often didn’t feel like booting it up).

iPod Touch KeyboardThe primary disadvantage for me is typing with my thumbs using the on-screen keyboard, which I find not unlike typing with my elbows on a standard keyboard. Consequently, my in-transit emails became increasingly minimalistic. Like telegrams, actually.

I’ve never liked the standard Sent from my iPhone/iPod/Blackberry message because the purpose of this statement seems unclear (could be construed as advertising, bragging, or simply providing totally irrelevant information in the spirit of social networking).

Today I got a brief email response from someone that contained the following disclaimer:

-- This email is from my handheld and may have been brief. ~

I like it. Problem solved.