During our company-wide weekly kickoff meeting, we’ve recently been wrapping up the meeting with “ten good things.”  These good things can be proposed by anyone in attendance, and are not limited to any subject in particular.  Ending the meeting with ten good things has the dual effect of bringing the meeting to a positive close as well as starting the week off on a positive note.

With that context, I’d like to share 10 good things about the upcoming INTERGEO conference I’ll be attending in Cologne, Germany next week.

  1. Networking with an incredibly diverse group of geography professionals from all over the world.
  2. Taking the ICE train from Utrecht to Cologne.
  3. Jack Dangermond is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech on GIS and environment.
  4. Der Kölner Dom.
  5. Sharing exhibition space in ESRI Germany’s fantastic booth.
  6. An opportunity to try Kölsch – Cologne’s specialty beer.
  7. The conference theme – Knowledge and Action for Planet Earth.
  8. Finally getting to see the famous Rhine River for myself.
  9. Finding out from folks about the impact INSPIRE has changed the way they implement GIS.
  10. The ESRI INTERGEO party!