For many years, Latitude Geographics has fielded various recreational sports teams for the simple pleasure of spending time with one another while we get some exercise and have some fun. We often played as part of University of Victoria intramural leagues, and we always got clobbered by athletic teams of 21-year olds. I mean, we got our butts kicked. Over and over, regardless of the sport.

This year (disclosure: as part of the VIATeC league, comprised of a comparable demographic of fellow IT professionals), our softball team is doing really well. In fact, with just a week to go in the league, we’re presently undefeated and sitting in the number one spot.

I’m Canadian, which disinclines me from even remotely acknowledging our present #1 standing. However, I’m also not on the team this year, and I’m excited by how well things are going for them.

Go team!