When I announced the release of Geocortex Essentials 2.2, I mentioned that I would be posting on a few of my favorite features.  Today I want to discuss the "Toggle Layer Labels" feature.  

Now, this feature isn't exactly flashy but I like it for a few reasons:  

  • Customers have been asking for this functionality for a long time - it's always nice when we can deliver features which are in high demand.
  • It cleans up your Layer List and your Map Service
    • You no longer have to create a secondary layer for your labels in order for them to be toggled (for example, "Roads" and "Roads Labels")
  • It allows administrators to further optimize map services
    • You can configure your layers to have labels off by default, then allow your users to turn them on only if and when they need them.  This can help shorten layer rendering times significantly.

Toggle Labels Layer Action  






You can toggle labels on a layer from the Layer List Action Menu.