Right now our team is heads down developing Geocortex Fleet Tracker. I'm personally quite excited about it, so I thought I would share that excitement with the rest of you GIS techies.

Geocortex Fleet Tracker is exactly what it sounds like; a browser-based application for use with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). It can be used to track vehicular assets (or, anything with a GPS, for that matter) within a fleet - or across multiple fleets - in real time.

The application integrates seamlessly with ArcGIS Server for display of your own base map data and with ArcSDE/SQL Server for storage of asset histories. Fleet Tracker has a fairly modular design which allows other applications to consume data and services from its REST API. This can include information on a given fleet, an individual asset, or an asset at a particular point in time.

Longer term, and based on interest from our clients and partners, our vision is to allow Fleet Tracker to integrate with Geocortex Essentials applications to combine the functionality of asset tracking with web-GIS. As well, we are considering offering Fleet Tracker as a hosted service for those who do not wish to license the software. Tell us what you think; we'd be happy to hear from you.

For now, here's a screenshot of the preliminary Silverlight user interface. Of course you can't tell from a static image, but panning and zooming is incredibly smooth via the ArcGIS Server Silverlight API. It's a delight to use!


This post only scratches the surface of why I'm excited about Fleet Tracker, so for those who want to track Fleet Tracker stay tuned to the Geocortex Blog as there will be more information in the future.