When delivering technical presentations, and particularly those which include a live demonstration, I often find it a challenge to direct users to the area of the screen I'm currently discussing. I usually resort to the following tactics:

  • Alternating between mouse/keyboard and a laser pointer
  • Moving the mouse pointer in quick little circles around the area of interest
  • Highlighting text or images on the screen (this one is always a little confusing)
  • Walking over to the projector screen and pointing (this sometimes involves jumping if the screen is very large)
Add to this the issue of showing high-resolution text (very small) to folks in a training room or theatre and it becomes a somewhat difficult exercise (even if I am being slightly facetious about jumping at the screen). Well, I discovered last week a tool from Sysinternals (Microsoft) that seems to be the solution to a lot of my problems. ZoomIt (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897434.aspx) is designed to overcome some of the same difficulties I have encountered during my own demonstrations. It's a surprisingly simple, easy-to-use screen magnification (zoom) and annotation (markup) tool that has to be tried live to be appreciated. I expect it will prove extremely useful during the Geocortex regional training course I'm leading next week in Charlotte!