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Finding yourself: Using geolocation in mobile and web applications [Webinar]

Finding yourself: Using geolocation in mobile and web applications

We’ve come to expect that the apps we use have a good chance of knowing where we are (with our permission, of course). This technique - known as geolocation - identifies our locations by processing digital information and using either GPS or other related technologies to assess our whereabouts. Whether you are creating a web map application or not, geolocation is an important piece of functionality.

Our Product Development team has been hard at work ensuring that you can quickly and easily add geolocation functionality to all your applications and workflows across platforms. We’re eager to show you just how simple it is!


In this developer webinar (or “Devinar,” as we like to call it), Lucas and Matt will explain exactly what geolocation is, how it works, the options available for getting it into your application, their experience implementing it in our next-generation viewers, and the valuable lessons they learned in the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about geolocation and how it can be applied to your applications, watch the devinar below!


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