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Geocortex at the 2017 Esri Partner Conference & DevSummit

We are less than a week away from Esri’s annual Partner Conference and DevSummit, taking place March 6-10 in beautiful Palm Springs, California. It’s always a great opportunity to connect with the Esri (and Geocortex!) community.

This year, we are coming to the event with lots of exciting things to share and discuss.

Next-generation Geocortex Workflow

For the last 5+ years, Geocortex Workflow has been one of the most popular capabilities offered with Geocortex Essentials, and we’re pleased to share that later in 2017, you will be able to purchase the next-generation Geocortex Workflow as a standalone product!

For those who aren’t familiar with Geocortex Workflow, it allows you to create simplified, guided interactions for end-users, without programming. Organizations around the world have leveraged Geocortex Workflow to streamline and automate complex business processes… in many cases, this has resulted in significant annual savings.

Geocortex Workflow will also ship with some significant improvements:

  • Take your workflows offline: You will be able to run Geocortex Workflow offline in environments with limited or no Internet connectivity – one of the most sought after features in recent years.
  • Geocortex inside Esri apps: Esri customers will now be able to harness the power of Geocortex Workflow technology inside Esri’s Web AppBuilder Developer Edition (with more to come soon).
  • Efficient, intuitive web-based designer: Geocortex Workflow Designer is undergoing improvements, and will now be web-based to offer a much more intuitive and simplified experience for builders of workflows. 

Additional product enhancements:

We also encourage you to come chat with us about the other product enhancements we’ve made over the past few months. It’s been a busy start to 2017 for the Geocortex Product Development team, with no signs of slowing down!

  • Accessibility: Are you having trouble meeting Section 508 Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) compliance? Check out our blog post on the topic and let us help clear up any confusion.
  • Integrations: Do you need to integrate 3rd party business systems and data sources? Come see how Geocortex customers are integrating with 3rd party land management, asset management, document management and business intelligence systems!
  • Security: Want to apply fine-grained permissions to control access to layers and capabilities within apps? Let us show you how Geocortex simplifies the process, and learn how our technology works with ArcGIS identities.
  • Web Reporting and Printing: Do you need a simple way to generate printable reports? Need to print high quality maps in large or unique formats? Swing by and see Geocortex Web Reporting and Printing in action.

Where to find us:

  • The Geocortex Technology Update (for Geocortex Business Partners): Paul Salah (Director, Business Development), and Drew Millen (Director, Products) will demonstrate recent product advancements and share a roadmap of the most exciting projects we’re working on. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us at:
  • The GIS Solutions Expo: We’ll be exhibiting in booth #122 on March 6 from 2:00 – 7:00 PM. Drop by and have a member of the team walk you through Geocortex Essentials and Geocortex Analytics, and explore how we can help you accomplish even more with Esri’s modern ArcGIS technology.

We also have time available for 1-to-1 meetings. If you’d like to schedule some time to connect in Palm Springs, contact us today (

See you soon!

Geocortex Optimizer 1.6 is Now Available

Latitude Geographics is pleased to announce the general availability of Geocortex Optimizer 1.6. This release offers support for ArcGIS Server 10.1, various feature enhancements and significant usability improvements. Highlights include:

  • Support for ArcGIS Server 10.1, including enhancements to make use of a new REST endpoint in ArcGIS Server for log files to support Esri’s migration from the IIS web server to Apache Tomcat
  • Support for WMS services. WMS service requests in ArcGIS Server are now logged, and a new WMS Requests line has been added to the Optimizer summary report
  • Support for Feature Editing operations. Editing requests to feature layers in ArcGIS Server are now logged and reported
  • Enhancements to scheduled reports functionality: reports may now be saved to a given directory, as well as scheduling reports for email to specified users
  • Enhancements to the configuration utility, including convenience functions that allow adding map, geocoding and image services on ArcGIS Server to a map service probe
  • Ability to track users when web mapping applications are accessed through Windows (through Windows username), as well as identifying users logging in through Windows integrated authentication security
  • Rewritten documentation, usability enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements to queries

Please consult the release notes for more detailed information regarding this release. The release may be downloaded by Optimizer customers with an active maintenance agreement from the Geocortex Support Center. If your account is handled by an authorized Geocortex reseller, please contact your local representative for access to installers and documentation.

Geocortex Regional Training - Fall 2009

With the 2008/2009 Geocortex classroom training schedule all but wrapped up (we're conducting training at the ESRI regional office in Olympia, WA today and tomorrow), we're planning, and have dates set for the 2009/2010 training season. These courses will be added to the training section of our website shortly for review and registration. (Note that our Canadian-based training is being offered in conjunction with ESRI Canada.)

Pict4015Based on feedback from clients and partners, we're expanding our classroom training to include a 1-day course on customizing Geocortex Essentials (focused on Web ADF Elements/Essentials 1.x as well as our newer REST and client API work shipping with Essentials 2.0) as well as a 1-day course on getting the most out of Geocortex Optimizer (read: configuration and interpretation). Dates are shown below:

San Antonio, TX: Sept 29 - Oct 2
Toronto, ON: Oct 14 - 16
Redlands, CA: Nov 3 - 6
Denver, CO: Dec 1 - 4
Vancouver, BC: Dec 8 - 10

Additional spring 2010 dates will be announced later this summer.

Performance and Optimization

Having just given a presentation on Effective Web Based Cartography and Representation at our Geocortex User Conference, it became evident that people are very interested in the performance/optimization side of things.

ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 includes some great new features for this, and ESRI Canada is hosting some related webinars:

• Performance and Optimization Techniques for ArcGIS Server, May 14, 2009 and June 4, 2009
• High-performance Dynamic Map Publishing with ArcGIS Server 9.3.1, May 19, 2009

Also, Geocortex Optimizer is a product we have developed that provides a number of related and complementary features that help you ensure best possible performance (and monitor usage over time to create web-mapping applications better tuned to your users’ requirements).

Anyway, if you weren’t at the Geocortex User Conference and are interested in taking in my Effective Web Based Cartography and Representation presentation, you can catch the next webinar version on Wednesday, May 20th, 2009. I will be adding more content on the topic of initial design to maximize performance. Registration is here.

Spot the Geography Geek

optimizer_pop_extentsEvery time I’m being briefed on the latest report designs for Geocortex Optimizer, I can’t help but get a little thrill when I see a Popular Extents map amongst all the important tables, graphs, and charts.

We’ve mostly (and I think rightly) invested in aspects of the product that extract and present all kinds of metrics relevant to the ArcGIS Server stack. As CEO, I know this should get me most excited because these types of metrics represent the core value prop of the product. But as a geography geek, if you hooked me up to machines that measure my physiological level of interest, I’d undoubtedly get most excited when I see the map.

Geocortex Optimizer for ArcGIS Server

optimizerThough we announced it last month at our user conference, I want to post briefly about Geocortex Optimizer, our new product for ArcGIS Server we're timing for release around the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego this year.

Geocortex Optimizer is comprised of four distinct modules (think our ArcIMS-generation Geocortex Statistics and Geocortex Uptime products rolled into one, plus more) that will maximize the value and effectiveness of an investment in ESRI’s next-generation web-based GIS foundation. Initial versions will focus on maximizing ArcGIS Server performance and distributed system performance monitoring, with emphasis shifting to ease-of-management and the ROI calculation side of things.

This has been a challenging and exciting project that is really taking shape and that I think is going to appeal to single server organizations, large enterprises, and everyone in between. Now that the original design is coming to life and the team has some great momentum, we're getting really excited about this product.

Notwithstanding any unforeseen technical hurdles in the next couple iterations, we should be announcing a Beta program fairly soon. Let us know if you're interested in participating.