Where does Geocortex fit relative to Esri’s ArcGIS technology?

Modern Geocortex technology helps organizations achieve even greater success with Esri’s modern ArcGIS platform.

Esri technology evolves at an amazing pace, and we work on the front lines to help you leverage it as broadly and deeply as possible at your organization. For sixteen years, our products have evolved steadily over time to ensure we continue to add compelling value.

Geocortex Products

We’re all about maximizing alignment. Our mission is to help you make the most of your investment in Esri today, while keeping you optimally aligned with Esri’s technology roadmap. Our emphasis on future-proofing helps you leverage Esri’s cutting-edge products and offerings sooner and even more effectively.

We communicate extensively with Esri to ensure our work doesn’t strategically overlap, and work to ensure that we’re always providing complementary value in as aligned a way as possible.

We provide major, swift return on investment by delivering beautifully engineered products that enable new and enhanced application capabilities that would often otherwise be attempted via custom development.

Adding value to the Esri ecosystem

Our work is impossible without Esri’s outstanding ArcGIS platform.

Geocortex requires Esri GIS technology, and works exclusively with Esri technology. Though we could expand to serve other technologies, we don’t want to. We believe the world is best off with our chosen focus and specialization in adding value to the world’s #1 GIS technology.

Within the Esri ecosystem, we do compete with folks who provide custom application development services that, by not leveraging a rich framework like Geocortex Essentials, frequently deliver stuck-in-time solutions that needlessly reduce overall return-on-investment.

Esri recommends customers undertake application configuration over customization. Geocortex greatly extends the possibilities available under a configuration model, which provides many short-term and long-term benefits.

Latitude Geographics is one of a small number of Esri Platinum Partners globally. We’re proud of our long-standing partnership with Esri, the contributions we make, and the value we deliver year after year to Esri customers.

Geocortex technology dovetails with ArcGIS platform technology

Esri offerings are a key part of our strategy; Geocortex isn’t intended for every application requirement.

Geocortex Essentials facilitates rapid application development, but Esri’s constellation of application and framework offerings (such as Collector for ArcGIS, Operations Dashboard, and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS) are critical parts of our recommended overall application strategy.

Basically, within the ArcGIS platform ecosystem, Geocortex serves as a strategic alternative to custom development.

We always recommend going with the simplest solution that works. If Esri’s ready-to-go Collector for ArcGIS or an AppStudio for ArcGIS template can be configured to meet your requirements, use one of these options. Geocortex Mobile App Framework (which is about ten times more work to deploy than Collector for ArcGIS) is appropriate when custom capabilities are needed; it’s intended as an alternative to custom application development using core APIs and SDKs (which would often be about fifty times more work).