Our services enable our clients to maximize their investment in
Geocortex software and ArcGIS technology.

  • ArcGIS Server Services

    We're here to help. From business analysis to expert programmers, we offer services that can help you manage risk and fast-track deployment of world-class web-mapping systems.

  • ArcGIS Online Implementation

    Hit the ground running by implementing ArcGIS Online maps and apps which people actually will use and be more productive. We help you do even more with ArcGIS Online; faster, at less cost and risk.

  • ArcGIS

    We recognize that standing up a full-fledged ArcGIS Server environment is not always easy. There are serious hardware, software and bandwidth requirements to be addressed. We provide several options.

  • Product Support

    Latitude Geographics is committed to providing its customers with GIS solutions that feature innovative technologies which increase productivity and provide unparalleled performance.


Project-Based Services

We're now a software company, but we started as a services company. In reality, our professional services team never really went away. Although Geocortex greatly reduces development effort, some professional services work may be needed to tailor and more deeply integrate applications within your organization. Many licensees do everything in-house, while others choose to engage with us or one of our implementation partners to assist. We've also had good success with a client's preferred services vendor coming up to speed with our technology quickly, and we're very supportive of this approach.

We're here to help. From business analysis to expert programmers, we offer services that can help you manage risk and fast-track deployment of world-class web-mapping systems. We've built our reputation as an organization that you can trust, delivers results, and is easy to do business with. Our overarching goal is to deliver the short-term results you need, without compromising on design choices that reflect the best possible long-term strategy.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

With hundreds of web mapping applications under our belt, we've figured out that while there are many repeatable patterns that help deliver exceptional results, every customer's situation is unique. Whether your goal is to achieve a handful of key requirements or maximize the possibilities of the latest technology, we'll work with you to help you find the best way to create a realistic, pragmatic plan to deliver the goods to your organization.



Whether you're looking for basic or exceptional, we can help take your lines and features to the next level. Web-based map design has a subtle but profound impact on the effectiveness of your web-based mapping applications. Through smart design decisions, good cartography can greatly enhance the functionality and appearance of application.

Sometimes, dramatic improvements are possible with minor investment. However, cartographers often seem to get carried away with obsessing about finicky details and we're no exception; often little decisions can make a big difference. While we honor that mindset, we also take pride in being highly-pragmatic; we work within your budget.

Custom Development

Custom Development

While our guiding star is to eliminate custom development wherever possible, building custom functionality and/or tailoring the platform to meet the specific requirements of your organization is still often part of the process.

We have an excellent team of professional services developers dedicated to client projects. And because heavily customized applications trapped in time go against everything we stand for, these folks work closely with our products team to ensure close alignment of their work with the direction of the platform.

Migration Services

Update/Migration Services

As technology evolves, from time-to-time you need to update/upgrade/migrate your Esri web-GIS platform's hardware and software. Our team can perform the required work directly, or be available to help your organization with advice and assistance in specific areas.

Project Management

Project Management

Our project managers will work closely with you to tie all of the project pieces together to ensure successful outcomes -- from helping you to establish a project plan to the project's successful completion. Our proven track record is based on a solid methodology of choosing the appropriate steps for each phase of a project, with strong project management throughout.