Hundreds of organizations around the world use Geocortex to transform how they design, develop and maintain Esri web-based mapping applications.

Profiled Industries

  • Petroleum

    Geocortex is used by oil and gas companies around the world to meet the energy challenges of a changing world.

  • Government

    Local and county governments use Geocortex to support the delivery of services to its citizens and general public.

  • Public Safety

    Public safety agencies are mandated to protect citizens, property and communities from both natural disasters and man-made emergencies.

  • Water & Wastewater

    Insights pertaining to infrastructure and assets in the management of water, wastewater and storm water is made possible by Geocortex.

  • Utilities

    Geocortex helps provides a common platform to measure and visualize business data in order to better manage assets and improve delivery to customers.


What are our customers saying about Geocortex?

"If you are using ArcGIS Server, you can get great gains by choosing Geocortex. It is a sensible, inexpensive and easy solution... Services can be deployed quickly with Geocortex Essentials, and administration of web-GIS applications has been greatly simplified. ...The ability to create and manage multiple viewer sites on one Essentials installation allows the GIS group to create custom sites rapidly, serving end-user demands."

Jan-Henrik Nilsen
GIS Development Manager at Telenor Norway

Solano County, ACS, A Xerox Company

"When looking to migrate from ArcIMS based web mapping applications to ArcGIS Server, I evaluated a number of middleware applications in addition to Geocortex Essentials. I found that the Essentials product both addressed our requirement for rich out-of-the-box functionality, as well as our desire for an application to support our own ArcGIS Server Web ADF development efforts."

Nicholas Hansen
Solano County, ACS, A Xerox Company

Corporation of the County of Essex, ON

"The County of Essex required installation and development training for our upgrade to Geocortex Essentials. We received training over the web, which was convenient and great for keeping down travel costs. The training was thorough and helped me to train others in our organization with the aid of the recorded training sessions and guides. Any outstanding questions I had from training were answered promptly. I would recommend any assistance from the knowledgeable staff of Latitude Geographics."

Cathy Paduch
Corporation of the County of Essex, ON

Adams' County Assessor, CO

"We had great service from all people that we dealt with at Latitude. The delivery was efficient and the follow through and follow up has been good. Project issues were addressed quickly during and after project completion. The team worked with us to be sure that they understood what we requested and they helped us produce a great looking, functional website for our citizens."

Greg Baca
Adams' County Assessor, CO

"Geocortex Essentials provided easy stand-up of websites, and the administration using Essentials Manager was simple. Websites could be created in a matter of minutes, and it was easy to add Esri standard or custom tools. No major programming expertise was required."

Peter Fennell
Mount Pleasant Waterworks

"Our old GIS system was over-customized and had very little code documentation, which was making it very difficult to support. By being out-of-box solutions, both ArcGIS Server and Geocortex Essentials offered a very easy and straight forward jumpstart of our new system. We now have a more robust system that is much easier to manipulate and customize."

Emin Hamidov
BP Azerbaijan

City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks

"The web-based applications developed using Geocortex Essentials empowered our users to perform GIS analysis based on their business requirements without having to use any desktop GIS tools. We saved on software licensing and the training needed while providing our users with a flexible tool to meet their business needs."

Flora Chang
City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks

District of Squamish

"Thought you might be interested in our new site featuring Geocortex Silverlight & HTML5 viewers. I'm amazed how far I've been able to come using your technology. Keep up the great work!"

Dan Griffin, GIS/Mapping Supervisor
District of Squamish

"In March 2010, we used Geocortex Essentials as the backbone of our state-wide response to help Minnesota counties collect and disseminate road closure information. Each county that was affected by the spring flooding of the Red River, Minnesota River and other local rivers, was given the opportunity to use a county-based road editor. The initial development of the editor application including the data and services took 3 weeks. Once the template was done, we could deploy them on an as-needed basis. Within a matter of 4 days we were prepared to offer editing applications to 46 counties.

Throughout the entire flood emergency, about 10 counties participated directly using their county editor to report road closures and flooding conditions. By putting the tools into the hands of the local agencies, we were able to save time, improve accuracy, and reduce the redundancy of data collection. We also built a viewer application that provided the public with a state-wide view of road closures and events."

Sonia Dickerson
Minnesota Department of Transportation

City of Vernon, Information Services Division

"Geocortex Essentials has met all my expectations and beyond. I found the Latitude sales staff very cognisant not to promise anything they can't deliver. I'm excited about their aggressive development schedule and each release has brought some great new features. It makes our investment in Latitude Geographics and Essentials a solid one.

The City does not have any developers on staff however Essentials was very easy to install and the Essentials Manager was a great way to get started with our mapping applications. Latitude's support staff have been very helpful with any issues we encountered. We also had the opportunity to work with the development team to have some custom applications built. They were on time and on budget!"

Barend Donker
Database Administrator - City of Vernon, Information Services Division

"Geocortex Optimizer has allowed us to monitor the impact of data loads on performance, set alarms to monitor CPU utilization and memory usage, and probe ArcGIS Server to measure image generation times. It was the Geocortex Optimizer ArcGIS Server probe that alerted me to a sudden and dramatic reduction (over 70%) in image generation time. It turned out our network engineers had reconfigured our internal network, significantly improving server performance. This excited our IT Manager and he now wants to use Geocortex Optimizer to monitor our entire IT backbone."

Michael Parma
City of New Braunfels, TX

York County, SC

"After deploying a series of Geocortex Essentials sites, we are able to use the data collected by Geocortex Optimizer to fine tune the GIS resources we offer staff and citizens. Geocortex Optimizer allows us to evaluate not only how often a web resource is used and the way it performs, but also how to make it more usable by collecting and providing details in a unique way we would not have access to otherwise. We use Optimizer to can gain insight into how our users are consuming resources so that we can tailor our information products to specific groups of users."

Bryan Townsend
York County, SC

City of Palm Desert, CA

"The City of Palm Desert was looking to replace their aging I.M.S. with an ArcGIS Server based product. We shopped around for a year and actually purchased a failed solution before we discovered Latitude Geographics. Their Geocortex Essentials product offered all the functionality of our I.M.S. and much more. Latitude Geographics staff and training made the transition to this new web application painless. Geocortex Essentials is simple to maintain, update and deploy which thrills our I.T. manager. Palm Desert's staff now uses a much more powerful G.I.S. web application allowing them to access G.I.S., city and web data much more efficiently."

John Urkov
City of Palm Desert, CA

"When users experience the level of integration that this capability represents they are simply stunned. 'WOW!' is often their first impression. The fact that it (Pictometry integration capability) comes along as a core Essentials component is truly the gift that will keep on giving and will continue to grow in functionality as perhaps more Essentials/Pictometry clients get onboard. There are definitely possibilities beyond the current deployment but for now what was once a major headache requiring hours of planning and support is now simply an Essentials configuration."

Bill Shaw, MCAMLIS Project Manager
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

City of Troy, MI

"We have been very happy with the rapid progress that Geocortex has made with the Essentials product. Geocortex Essentials allows us to quickly extend the ArcGIS Server viewer with many customizations that would have required considerable hours of complex application development time for us to accomplish in house.

With Geocortex Essentials we are able to save vast amounts of resources from custom programming and instead are able to reallocate this time to designing a polished, robust GIS application that better meets our user's business practices within a sophisticated web framework."

Alex Bellak, GIS Manager
City of Troy, MI

York County, South Carolina

"The Geocortex Essentials product has generated a lot of excitement here recently. We have had a home grown public website using older technologies for about four years which could not be updated easily and we now have a very robust solution available to us with Essentials. We are a small GIS shop with limited time to invest in producing custom web solutions and are looking forward to sharing our geospatial assets with the public using this innovative product. Geocortex Essentials will be the framework that we will use to build all our ArcGIS Server applications from in the future. It will provide a common interface for the user and one development and maintenance environment for easier administration."

Bryan Townsend
GIS Administrator - York County, South Carolina

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

"We have rolled out another version of the Geocortex-based enterprise web mapping application. It continues to function well. We had a high-water mark of 43 concurrent users yesterday with no known issues. The Geocortex product appears to scale well and be very robust. It also has a tremendous amount of flexibility.

The application has over 140 statewide layers. The application masks sensitive layers if you come in through the Internet, but shows all the layers if you have come in through the intranet. All in all, we are very pleased. Thanks for your help with the purchase."

Robert L "Linc" Clay, GISP
Data Processing Manager/GIS FDEP/DRAM/BIS/GIS - Florida Department of Environmental Protection

San Diego Gas & Electric, California

"Two years ago I was frustrated with another web mapping product. After seeing a demo at our local Esri User Group meeting I gave Latitude a call. Within three days they had my site up and running not on their web servers, but mine. Thanks to great phone support, and very helpful personnel, we have two fully working sites that allow our end-users to create, print and query all on their own. In the two years since we have seen quick requests and field map production drop by 50%, allowing us to focus on larger GIS studies. Hands down the simplest code for improving your ArcIMS sites. Finally some software to do those things you always wanted ArcIMS to do."

Simon Kedward
GIS Analyst / Web Designer - San Diego Gas & Electric, California

Geodan IT, Netherlands (Value-Added Reseller/Implementer)

"Because we can leverage Geocortex Essentials core functionality, it gives us the opportunity to concentrate on building custom functionality for client specific requirements. We didn't want to waste time re-inventing the wheel when we can purchase it for a fraction of the cost of development."

Sander Vlotman, Project Manager
Geodan IT, Netherlands (Value-Added Reseller/Implementer)

St. Johns County Property Appraiser, Florida

"I would like to thank your staff for the creativity and initiative they put into our website. They executed the contract with great efficiency... I appreciate the timely completion and outstanding workmanship that went into the final product. The site is a huge success. I look forward to working with Latitude Geographics Group in the future."

Len Ortagus
Director of IT - St. Johns County Property Appraiser, Florida

Zwolle Municipality, Netherlands

"We are extremely pleased with all of the standard functionality available out-of-the-box in Geocortex Essentials. The administrator GUI, Geocortex Essentials Manager, helps us a lot in structuring our site management."

Peter van Capelleveen, GIS Manager
Zwolle Municipality, Netherlands

York County, South Carolina

"The off-the-shelf functionality that this gives us is really beyond anything we could do without spending thousands of developer hours.

Chuck Horton, ArcGIS Server Developer
York County, South Carolina

Erie County

"We're very pleased that we have Geocortex Essentials in our toolbox. Even though we are not advanced programmers, Essentials has allowed us to rapidly deploy multiple Internet mapping sites that offer high levels of functionality to our customers. We are constantly receiving extremely positive comments on our Essentials/ArcGIS mapping sites from our user community.

We're looking forward to working with Latitude Geographics as Geocortex Essentials continues to evolve with new technology. They have made it much easier for us to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of deploying on-line mapping services."

Dale Morris
Erie County