Other Industries

Geocortex serves everyone

Products like Geocortex Essentials and Geocortex Analytics are engineered to provide capabilities and development structure to Esri customers across industries and sectors. Fundamentally, core Geocortex technology has a universal appeal and serves everyone.

Latitude Geographics (and our partners) have developed a number of industry-specific solutions and approaches with Geocortex customers over the years, which has given us specific and repeatable experience in certain domains. As we continue to develop expertise in an industry/sector like public safety or energy, for example, it amplifies value to our customers in that space. But one of the great aspects of some of the more sector-specific work we do is that capabilities and features we develop are often highly transferrable to other sectors, which ultimately benefits you and the work you do.

Our strategy has never been to try to directly apply our success in one particular industry into another; we include the expertise of our customers, and let that inform our development directions.

If you’re using ArcGIS technology, it’s very likely that Geocortex can help you, no matter what your line of business happens to be. Take a look at Geocortex Essentials as a starting point, or get in touch with us directly and we’d be happy to help you develop the perfect application(s) for your organization.