A flexible solution for any utilities business

From electricity to telecommunications – and water/wastewater to natural gas – Geocortex customers around the world have created purposeful applications to help them with:

  • Damage assessments
  • Right of way management
  • Inspections and audits
  • Asset reporting and managing
  • Fault tracing
  • Property and boundary management
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Customer engagement
Screenshots of Geocortex for Utilities

Two industry leaders, one powerful solution

In 2015, Latitude Geographics and Schneider Electric jointly announced our partnership and the launch of a new product for the utilities sector. Geocortex Essentials was integrated with Schneider Electric’s ArcFM™ solution, which has long been the industry standard for utilities customers that are looking to leverage the benefits of GIS. The resulting product, ArcFM™ Web, extends the capabilities of Schneider Electric’s GIS solutions -- with a little support from Geocortex technology – and provides customer access across devices.

ArcFM Web has steadily grown, and now includes electric, gas, and water tracing functionality (including trace options and temporary marks), the ability to save and share project files, and non-spatial data searches. With ArcFM Web you can run traces to do things like identify protective devices, locate valves to isolate an area, and find affected customers. These traces can be used in conjunction with other core ArcFM Web functionality (i.e. reports, charts, workflows) to generate the information that's needed for your organization.

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