Geocortex Analytics

Increase GIS return-on-investment

Understand use patterns to build better applications based on near real-time data analysis.

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Get a complete picture of your GIS infrastructure

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Ensure peak performance

Optimize your applications to improve end-user experiences and performance.

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Keep your users happy

Troubleshoot problems before your end-users even notice them.

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Avoid interruptions

Improve adoption by keeping applications up and running in a seamless environment.


What is Geocortex Analytics?

Status feature in Geocortex Analytics
Analytics - StatusStatus

Understand what’s happening right now

Quickly identify issues with your applications and where to look to troubleshoot them, and understand how your resources are being consumed.


Get a complete picture of your GIS

Learn how to perform a GIS health assessment that begins with what your end-users are trying to achieve.

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Dashboard feature in Geocortex Analytics
Analytics - DashboardDashboard

Visualize important data

Bring all your information together by creating custom dashboards for different uses; configure daily reports, monthly summaries, production system statuses and more. 

Alarms feature in Geocortex Analytics
Analytics - AlarmsAlarms

Stay on top of issues

Get instant notifications via email or SMS when something goes wrong with your applications, allowing you to address issues immediately and keep your users productive.

Let us show you how Geocortex Analytics helps you get more out of your GIS investment.

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