Geocortex Essentials: Instant Search

Immediate access to millions of map features


Provide your end-users with immediate access to the information they need through a highly-scalable, extremely fast, indexed search engine.

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Computer highlighting location of search box in UI and search results in sidebar

Quick and easy access

Define and index attributes from multiple map and feature services for rapid search across records… displayed in real-time.

Learn how to provide your users with quick and easy access across map and feature services.

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Tablet with predictive instant search results in sidebar and on map

Gather and find exactly what you’re looking for

Use your own search forms to find, display, and report on millions of map features collected through ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, or external data sources.

Screenshot showing dropdown with search suggestions relevant to search term
User Experience  

Intuitive search with the best results

End-users are prompted with search suggestions as they type: results are sorted by relevance and displayed dynamically on the map.