From ERP to asset management to business intelligence, Geocortex offers integration options that allow you to visualize and interact with key 3rd party business data directly in your applications.

Get more out of your data


Increase spatial awareness

Take your business data to the next level; identify patterns that can only be seen when visualizing data on a map. By integrating key business systems with Geocortex applications, you gain the added element of spatial awareness.


Leave your data where it is

Geocortex integrations allow you to leave your existing business data where it is; there is no requirement to replicate, move or remodel your data.


Streamline data access

Break down departmental siloes and enable data to flow between systems seamlessly, providing a more efficient way to access the information you need to make important business decisions.

Integrate your Geocortex applications with virtually any 3rd party business system or data source you’re currently using.

Don’t see your system? Please contact us to learn how Geocortex integrates with what you’re using.

ERP & Asset/Land Management

Important financial, asset and land information often lives in disparate systems; Geocortex brings it all together for a holistic view of key business data. Geocortex integrations allow you to update asset attributes from directly in your application, map all asset-related work orders for simplified route planning, update the status of assets from your Geocortex applications, and much more.

Business Intelligence

Everything is somewhere, and business intelligence systems often lack necessary spatial context. Geocortex integrations allow you to visualize key business intelligence data for geographic areas of interest, push relevant spatial data into your 3rd party system, and so much more.

Document Management

When important documentation lives in a 3rd party system, quick and easy access is not usually the case. Geocortex integrations allow you to link directly to documents stored in your 3rd party system that are related to a geographic feature. Query, download and upload to your document management system from within your mapping application, and aggregate access to important documentation.

Take the next step with Geocortex

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