Geocortex Essentials: Security

Tailor applications for each user


Control fine-grained permissions on spatial services, layers, features, tools, external data, reports and other capabilities so users see what’s appropriate for them.

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Illustration of different users with phones, tablets and a desktop showing mapping interface

Don’t overwhelm your users

Instead of building multiple apps to accommodate differing security requirements, secure individual aspects of your applications. Users receive personalized experiences based on their configured permissions.

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Leverage the identity providers you’re already using

Organizations often use separate systems for managing user identities. Geocortex Essentials allows multiple users with different identity providers to access the same application.

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Security: Configuration

Reduce administrative complexity

Controlling permissions at the database or service level is time consuming and requires specialized skills. Manage permissions at the application level, instead, with just a few clicks in a friendly, web-based configuration environment.