Put task-focused applications into your hands and do even more with Cityworks®

Organizations increasingly require straightforward GIS applications that streamline processes by simplifying workflows. While there’s a place for complex GIS applications for experienced users, a traditional GIS interface is often challenging for new or occasional users – even more so when deployed on small mobile devices. Simple, targeted mapping applications can help new types of end-users be more productive than ever.

Geocortex provides a framework for rapid and efficient development of targeted web mapping applications. The Cityworks Extension for Geocortex Essentials helps you take advantage of configurable workflow technology and rich viewer capabilities. Create simple, task-focused applications to streamline the creation and fulfillment of asset management requests, work orders, and inspections.

Device Support and Disconnected Use

Citizen engagement offerings need to serve a variety of end-user devices (smartphones, tablets, and desktops). The Cityworks Extension for Geocortex Essentials allows you to deploy a wider range of applications and workflows more efficiently. It’s easy to leverage the power of HTML5 and to deploy apps that can be easily tailored for desktop or mobile use cases. You can also use Geocortex Mobile App Framework to take your configured, Cityworks-enabled HTML5 viewer application into mobile/offline environments. Combining a hybrid of disconnected asset editing with connected Cityworks workflows gives you maximum field capabilities.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and phone showing Cityworks Extension for Geocortex Essentials

Increase productivity for your end-users and save valuable development time

Existing offerings already provide a means for field crews to access considerable Cityworks functionality while in the field; the Cityworks Extension for Geocortex Essentials, however, expands your audience of users by minimizing unnecessary complexity and providing simplified, step-by-step interfaces to complete similar tasks. This approach can increase user productivity and data quality.

On the development side, you can quickly create mapping applications with workflows that seamlessly integrate with Cityworks. By taking a licensed product extension approach, you gain longer-term benefits like ongoing product support and full documentation; over time (as part of product maintenance), you can easily stay current via compatibility updates and new versions. And you have development freedom: there are no constraints on your ability to recombine workflows to create your own custom applications and integration approaches. You gain a collection of tools for building, maintaining, and deploying targeted Cityworks-connected applications!

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Get to work right away

Cityworks is the premier GIS-centric asset management solution built using Esri technology, and helps organizations manage municipal and local government assets, along with work related to service requests, work orders and inspections. The Cityworks Extension for Geocortex Essentials allows you to create targeted, purpose-specific mapping applications that better serve field crews, office staff and citizens.

  • Citizens can make a service request anywhere, anytime
  • Field crews can complete and close a work order in the field
  • Field crews can create a new work order in the field
  • Field investigators can assess service requests in the field
  • Field crews can immediately record previously unplanned, on-the-spot work
  • Field inspectors can complete and close an inspection in the field
  • Asset assessors can verify and update assets in the field

Ready to unlock hundreds of powerful workflow activities to automate, simplify, and speed up day-to-day tasks?