Gain control of the situation

Incident Commanders

  • Help protect lives and property by understanding the severity and extent of an incident.
  • Keep field responders safe by monitoring their statuses, and stay well informed through map-based collaboration and decision making.
  • Make timely decisions with confidence that you have the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date information, including observations from your eyes-on-the-ground responders.
  • Prioritize and deploy your assets for maximum effectiveness, based upon a thorough understanding of the situation.

Field Responders

  • Visualize and understand the current situation as it develops.
  • Use high-quality printed map outputs for field reference.
  • Collaborate with your team and incident commanders with virtual “map-and-marker” tools.
  • Provide live information from the field.
Flooding, Special Events, Disaster and Crime scenarios


Real-time Data

AOP is engineered to support the display of self-reporting resources in real time, and HTML5 technology allows for updated, on-demand push notifications.

Real-time Information Stream

Integrate real-time event feeds and use rules you define to detect and alert you of important events.

Social Media Integration

Source additional intelligence from the public via the social media channel(s) of your choice, with out-of-the-box capabilities for Twitter and Instagram.

Tablet showing social media integration of Gecortex Active Operating Picture


Shared Maps

Keep incident commanders and first responders on the same page, across devices, in emergency situations.

Map-and-Marker Tool

Draw and push coordinates to the entire response team and plan clear, visual routes for better situational awareness. Changes to the map extent and mark-up are pushed to all users on the same channel in real-time.

Field Photo Collaboration

First responders can take important, geo-located photos and upload them into the common view.

Dedicated Communication Channels

Reduce confusion, track conversations and make critical decisions quickly.

Desktop and tablet showing synced collaboration tools

Data & asset management

See Resources and Assets

Know the immediate area, including potential hazards, or buildings that can be converted into emergency shelters.

Accurate GIS Data

Leverage geographic information to understand the severity and extent of a situation; what’s in the affected area; and what areas may be affected next. Data is trusted and authoritative because it belongs to you.

Area Briefing Book

Combine all available data in an area of interest into a mini briefing book, including key demographic information, which improves your ability to respond effectively.

Tablet showing special a floorplan connected to a point on the map

Connect emergency teams with immediate, relevant, and accurate data to help save lives and protect property