Course overview

Developing Custom Server Activities (DCSA) is the third module in the Advanced Workflows series. DCSA teaches .NET web developers how to analyze, design, build and deploy custom server workflow activities, and features interactive presentations and hands-on labs. The DCSA module uses ArcGIS Online’s collaborative, cloud-based platform to provide learners with scalable GIS infrastructure performance.

Course outline


In this lesson you will learn about the prerequisites needed to get the most out of the module. You will review the module's lessons and prepare the Geocortex Essential's site used in the module's labs. You will learn about how a custom server activity can solve specific business challenges.

From Activities to Assemblies

In this lesson you will explore how a candidate workflow task makes its way from an activity cluster in a workflow to becoming a custom server activity. This topic stops short of the final step, using Visual Studio, which is the subject of the subsequent lessons. In this topic you will examine the benefits and limitations of using a reference workflow, and the Save As Assembly feature.

Code Custom Activities

This lesson explains the concepts you need to know to code a custom activity class. You will learn what each Activity subclass is best suited for. Then you will learn about defining and using arguments. Finally, you will learn about the role of the Execute method in a custom activity. This lesson provides the conceptual knowledge need to support the next lesson's skill intensive lab tasks.

Build a Basic Custom Server Activity

In this lesson you will apply your knowledge and build a custom server activity using Visual Studio. You will build a basic custom activity and then you will add exception handling, and learn how to speed up development by automating the deployment of your activity and implementing Visual Studio enhanced debugging.

Enhance the Custom Activity

In this lesson you learn how to improve your custom server activity's user interface by adding activity attributes to your activity's arguments. Then you use the Geocortex API to add an activity designer to your activity and finally, add an activity icon to help users identify it in the Workflow Designer's activity library.

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