Developing Client-Side Workflows with Geocortex Workflow 5


Learn how to configure pre-built, client-side activities with JavaScript expressions, values, and decision logic to build interactive, feature-rich forms for Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® applications.

Course Outline  

Explain how workflows support the development of custom applications

Enabling Objectives:

  • Explain the benefits of using Geocortex Workflow 5 (GW5) technology
  • Explore a damage assessment workflow
  • Describe how to launch the GW5 application
  • Identify the main components of Geocortex Workflow Designer
  • Describe the GW5 architecture
  • Setup a VM to support GW5 development

Create a Geocortex Workflow 5 (GW5) workflow

Enabling Objectives:

  • Identify the steps to create a workflow
  • Describe workflow design considerations
  • Describe how to build a workflow
  • Create a GW5 workflow
  • Describe how to provision a viewer with a GW5 workflow
  • Run a GW5 workflow in supported viewers
  • Describe the testing features in GW5
  • Use a log activity to examine activity outputs

Display a FeatureSet in the viewer

Enabling Objectives:

  • Describe the FeatureSet object
  • Describe how to configure a Query Layer activity
  • Query an ArcGIS Online feature layer
  • Describe how to configure the Show Results activity
  • Use the Show Results activity to display a FeatureSet in the viewer

Use workflow activity outputs in string expressions

Enabling Objectives:

  • Describe how to reference form element values
  • Reference form element values
  • Describe how to construct JavaScript string expressions
  • Construct JavaScript expressions

Configure a basic Display Form activity

Enabling Objectives:

  • Describe the Auto Complete form element
  • Configure the Auto Complete form element
  • Describe the List Box form element
  • Configure a List Box using an ArcGIS Query
  • Describe how to use List Box selected values in an ArcGIS query
  • Use List Box selected values in an ArcGIS Query

Develop interactive forms using event driven form elements

Enabling Objectives:

  • Describe the types of form element events
  • Explore form events in a purpose built workflow
  • Describe how to configure a button click event
  • Configure a button click event to add symbolized graphics to a map
  • Describe how to configure change events
  • Add a change event to a list box to add symbolized graphics to a map
  • Describe how to configure validation events
  • Add validation events to form elements

Use Geocortex Workflow 5 (GW5) activities to get data from Geocortex Essentials Manager

Enabling Objectives:

  • Explain the purpose of the Get Layer activity
  • Configure the Get Layer Activity
  • Describe how to run a Geocortex Essentials workflow from GW5
  • Run a Report using a Geocortex Essentials workflow from GW5
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