Course overview

Building on Getting Started with Geocortex Essentials, this two day course teaches you how to solve real-world business problems using Geocortex Workflow technology.

Course outline

Introduction and Workflow Basics

  • Explore a Common Workflow in Both Viewers
  • Integrating Workflow Functionality in the Viewer
  • Workflows and Extracting GIS Data

Build Your First Workflow

  • Create an Alert Workflow and add it to a Site
  • Add a Workflow to the Viewer to HTML5 I want to Menu
  • Add a Workflow to the Viewer for Silverlight I want to Menu
  • Modify an Existing Workflow

Query ArcGIS Server

  • Query ArcGIS Server Map Services
  • Link Query Results to Site Configuration

User Inputs and Flowcharts

  • Ask Users for Search Criteria
  • User the Flowchart Activity to Control Flow

Configure Tailored User Interface

  • Using Forms Designer
  • Using the Combo Box
  • Make Combo Box Results Depend on those of another Entry
  • Set Form Validation Rules

Workflow to Viewer Interaction

  • Add a Pre-created Print Template
  • Use Viewer Commands to Highlight Features
  • Set Map Extent and Layer Visibility from a Workflow

Workflow Reusability and Troubleshooting

  • Practice Client-Side Debugging
  • Programmatically Retrieving Properties from Geocortex Sites
  • Pass Arguments from Sites to Workflows

Modify Form Controls at Runtime

  • Set URLs in Form Items at Runtime
  • Add Buttons to the Display Form Activity

Edit Spatial and Attribute Data

  • Add Features Using a Workflow

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