Course overview

Building on the Getting Started with Geocortex Essentials course, learn how the .NET workflow capabilities of Geocortex Essentials can help you build client and server-based workflows that will transform your business processes into simple, guided interactions for your end-users.

Course outline

Introduction and Workflow Basics

  • Explain why workflows make developing custom applications easier
  • Identify common components of workflows
  • Describe the components required to build, test and run a workflow
  • Describe difference between sequences and flowcharts
  • Navigate a workflow in Workflow Designer

Design, Build, Test and Publish a Workflow

  • Identify the steps to create a workflow
  • Describe workflow design considerations
  • Describe how to build a workflow
  • Create a workflow with an Alert activity
  • Describe the purpose of the Workflow Simulator
  • Test a workflow in the Workflow Simulator
  • Explain how a workflow is published
  • Publish a workflow in Geocortex Essentials Manager for use in the viewer

Display an ArcGIS Online FeatureSet in the Viewer

  • Describe how to configure the QueryTask activity
  • Describe how to test a query in the ArcGIS REST endpoint
  • Query an ArcGIS Online feature layer
  • Describe the FeatureSet object
  • Examine a FeatureSet in the Simulator using a BreakPoint
  • Describe how to configure the SelectFeatures activity
  • Use the SelectFeatures activity to display a FeatureSet in the viewer

Capture User Input with Variables

  • Describe how the Prompt activity can be used to capture user input
  • Query an ArcGIS Online service using a user entered value
  • Identify best practices in managing variables
  • Set the scope of a variable
  • Identify methods of testing for the value of a variable
  • Test a workflow using the Comment Out, Alert, and Exit workflow activities

Configure a Form

  • Describe the DisplayForm activity
  • Describe the AutoCompleteBox form item
  • Configure a DisplayForm activity with an AutoCompleteBox
  • Describe the ListBox form item
  • Configure an independent ListBox
  • Describe how to use the Cascading ID property
  • Configure a dependent ListBox form item
  • Describe how to configure the QueryTask to query using an object type variable
  • Configure the QueryTask to query using an object type variable
  • Identify validations that can be added to a form
  • Set form validation rules

Controlling Viewer Actions

  • Summarize the benefits of using activity clusters in a workflow
  • Describe how to zoom to a polygon geometry
  • Describe how to enable Intellisense
  • Configure an activity cluster to zoom to polygon geometry
  • Describe how to zoom to MapPoint geometry
  • Configure an activity cluster to zoom to a MapPoint geometry

Make Workflows Reusable

  • Describe the GetMapServiceInfo activity
  • Describe how to debug client side activities
  • Describe how to populate an input argument
  • Use the GetMapServiceInfo activity debug property in the viewer
  • Describe how to use RuntimeModifications to make a form easier to maintain
  • Configure RuntimeModifications to populate form items’ query URL

Add Branching Logic to a Sequence-Based Workflow

  • Describe branching logic in a sequence
  • Configure an If activity to manage an input argument
  • Describe how to create custom DisplayForm buttons
  • Configure branching logic using DisplayForm buttons
  • Explain how to run workflow activities in the default container
  • Configure the workflow to run in the default container

Configure Branching Logic in Flowchart Activities

  • Describe the Flowchart activity
  • Describe how to correctly format a flowchart
  • Describe the FlowDecision activity
  • Create a workflow that uses both flowcharts and sequences
  • Describe how to implement an activity cluster in a workflow
  • Integrate an activity cluster into a workflow
  • Create a graphics layer to highlight the selected feature

Going Forward

  • Identify resources that can help you continue to learn about workflows
  • Identify workflow course offerings
  • Describe the Geocortex User Conference

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