Developing Workflows with Geocortex Essentials

Formerly Developing Workflows for Geocortex Essentials


Building on the Getting Started with Geocortex Essentials course, learn how the .NET workflow capabilities of Geocortex Essentials can help you build client and server-based workflows that will transform your business processes into simple, guided interactions for your end-users.

Course Outline  

Introduction and Workflow Basics

  • Explain the benefits of using Geocortex workflows
  • Identify common components of workflows
  • Describe the components required to build, test and run a workflow
  • Describe the difference between sequences and flowcharts
  • Navigate a workflow in Workflow Designer

Design, Build, Test and Publish a Workflow

  • Identify the steps to create a workflow
  • Describe workflow design considerations
  • Describe how to build a workflow
  • Create a workflow with an Alert activity
  • Describe the purpose of the Workflow Simulator
  • Test a workflow in the Workflow Simulator
  • Explain how a workflow is published
  • Publish a workflow in Geocortex Essentials Manager for use in the viewer

Display an ArcGIS Online FeatureSet in the Viewer

  • Describe how to configure the Query Task Activity
  • Describe how to test a query in the ArcGIS REST endpoint
  • Query an ArcGIS Online feature layer
  • Describe the FeatureSet object
  • Examine a FeatureSet in the Simulator using a BreakPoint
  • Describe how to configure the Select Features activity
  • Use the Select Features activity to display a FeatureSet in the viewer

Configure a Form

  • Describe the Display Form activity
  • Describe the Autocomplete Box form item
  • Configure a Display Form activity with an Autocomplete Box
  • Describe the List Box form item
  • Configure an independent List Box
  • Describe how to use the Cascading ID property
  • Configure a dependent List Box form item
  • Describe how to configure the Query Task with the output from a List Box
  • Configure the Query Task with the output from a List Box
  • Describe how to add validation rules to form items
  • Set form item validation rules

Controlling Viewer Actions

  • Summarize the benefits of using activity clusters in a workflow
  • Describe how to zoom to a polygon geometry
  • Describe how to use Intellisense
  • Configure an activity cluster to zoom to polygon geometry
  • Describe how to zoom to MapPoint geometry
  • Configure an activity cluster to zoom to a MapPoint geometry

Make Workflows Reusable

  • Describe the Get Map Service Info activity
  • Describe how to debug client-side activities
  • Configure the Get Map Service Info Activity
  • Describe how to use workflow input arguments
  • Use workflow input arguments
  • Describe how to use RuntimeModifications to make a form easier to maintain
  • Configure form item URLs at runtime

Add Branching Logic to a Sequence-Based Workflow

  • Describe how to add branching logic to a sequence activity
  • Configure an If activity to manage an input argument
  • Describe how to customise display form buttons
  • Configure branching logic using Display Form buttons
  • Explain how to display a form in the default workflow container
  • Configure the Display Form activity to target the Default Workflow Container

Configure Branching Logic in Flowchart Activities

  • Describe the Flowchart activity
  • Describe how to correctly format a flowchart
  • Describe the Flow Decision activity
  • Create a workflow with flowcharts and sequences
  • Describe how to use an activity cluster in a workflow
  • Use an activity cluster in a workflow

Going Forward

In this lesson you will learn how to find resources to support learning Geocortex Essentials technology by performing these tasks:

  • Identify sources to help configure Geocortex Essentials
  • Identify the next course in the Geocortex Essentials Workflow learning path
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    Customer Reviews  
  • I found the Fundamentals and Workflows courses to be great — a lot of information and well-planned tutorials to provide the basis for using the software effectively.

    Jody MacEachern GIS Analyst, Fisheries and Oceans Canada