Geocortex Essentials Refresher


Using a mixture of lecture and hands on labs, in this course you will refresh your existing Geocortex Essentials skills through a review of commonly used features, and familiarize yourself with the latest Geocortex features. Overall, this course will enable you to efficiently and effectively operate

Course Outline  

The Geocortex Product Suite

In this lesson you review the advantages of using the Geocortex Essentials product suite. Then, you practice using a variety of standard and new features in the viewer.

  • Describe the purpose of Essentials Manager
  • Describe the components of Geocortex Essentials
  • Explore the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5

Basic Site Setup

In this lesson you will review the basic functionality of an Essentials site; what a site is, how they are published, and how REST technology is used to support a site. Then, you will create an Essentials site using an AGOL-based web map.

  • Explain the role of an Essentials Manager Site
  • Describe how to add an AGOL-based site to Essentials Manager
  • Create a site referencing an AGOL web map
  • Describe how to add a GVH to a site
  • Add the GVH to a site
  • Describe how to add basemap services to a site
  • Configure an additional basemap

Intermediate Site Configuration

In this lesson you will examine how to incorporate non-spatial data into your site using a Search Table that is searchable using the Global Search function. To further the accessibility of this information, you will see how Search Tables can be added to data links so that related non-spatial information will appear along with related spatial features.

  • Describe how to configure Data Links with Search Tables
  • Configure Data Links with Search Tables

Basic Layer Configuration

In this lesson you will learn how to configure map services and layers via the map services and layer list tabs. The lessons starts with an explanation of the interrelationship between the Map Services tab and the Layer List tab. Then, you will learn to configure the global search for the layer so you can search for layer attributes in the Viewer for HTML5. Next, you will learn how to add feature hyperlinks to a layer so you can link to outside resources. Finally, you will add an AGOL feature layer to the site and set it up for editing in the viewer.

  • Identify the components of a layer configuration
  • Describe how to configure the layer list
  • Configure the layer list
  • Explain how to configure the Global Search
  • Configure global search
  • Describe how to create a feature hyperlink
  • Create a feature hyperlink
  • Explain how to add an AGOL feature layer in GE manager
  • Describe how to edit a feature layer
  • Add a feature layer to the site

Intermediate Layer Configuration

In this lesson, you will examine two features of intermediate site configuration: Labels and Time Sliders. To start, you will examine the configuration required on both the ArcGIS and Geocortex sides to enable labels that can be toggled in the viewer. Then, you will learn about the ArcGIS and Geocortex configuration required to enable the time slider in the viewer for HTML5. Finally, you will learn how to add a time slider to a site.

  • Identify two parts of intermediate layer configuration
  • Add the Enabling Objective
  • Configure Label Option
  • Describe how to configure time-based layers
  • Configure time-based layers

Viewer Configuration

In this lesson you will configure the Create Feature tool to edit a feature in the viewer.

  • Describe how to configure the Create New Feature Tool
  • Edit an AGOL-hosted feature layer in the Viewer for HTML5
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    Customer Reviews  
  • I have learned so much from this course and look forward to learning more

    Nihal Wijesekera GIS Technologist, Cariboo Regional District (6 years working with Geocortex)

  • Thank you, Perfect for managers to become familiar with the tool"

    MK Larson Senior Tech Developer, City of Tacoma (6 months working with Geocortex)