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February 20, 2019

Geocortex Essentials 4.11: Saving Time & Increasing Efficiency

Shane Moore
Shane Moore
Digital Marketing Lead
Geocortex Essentials 4.11 is here We’re happy to announce that as of last week, Geocortex Essentials 4.11 is now generally available to all customers. This update comes loaded with a lot of exciting updates, and we wanted to take some time to break those down for you. Support for Geocortex Printing 5 Geocortex Printing 5 recently entered open beta. Geocortex Essentials administrators using version 4.11 can now add print templates that are created using this new solution to their applications. Geocortex Printing 5 can also be used f...

February 15, 2019

Accessing Samples and Building your First Workflow [Geocortex Tech Tip]

Ryan Cooney
Ryan Cooney
Product Owner
One of the things we’re so proud of when it comes to Geocortex Workflow 5 is its ability to add so much additional value to your spatial applications. Whether it’s through a Geocortex viewer or Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS®, the technology augments your existing applications and truly re-defines the user experience. For those looking for a little more of an introductory overview of how this can be done, check out this previous Geocortex Tech Tip that breaks down how to access samples and build you...

February 12, 2019

Open Beta of Geocortex Printing 5 Has Begun

Drew Millen
Drew Millen
Chief Technology Officer
Geocortex Printing 5 Now In Open Beta As we gear up for its public release next month, the Geocortex team is thrilled to announce that Geocortex Printing 5 is now available in open beta for anyone who wants to try it out! This powerful new addition to the Geocortex Essentials 5-Series allows you to add Geocortex Printing 5 widgets to apps built with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® – or using a Geocortex viewer – to empower your users to generate beautiful map outputs from templates they have designed in a web-hosted print designer. F...

February 8, 2019

Different Ways of Creating Selections of Features in Geocortex Viewer for HTML 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

Drew Millen
Drew Millen
Chief Technology Officer
The Geocortex Essentials team recently implemented a variety of new ways our users can highlight and store features in the map using the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5. This addition was designed to give you even more choices, control, and flexibility to ensure you’re maximizing the information contained within your spatial selections in as simple a way as possible. In this week's Geocortex Tech Tip, we wanted to provide you with some orientation on all the different ways you can select features fr...

February 6, 2019

4 Best Practices to Follow When Using Geocortex Workflow 5

Colin Doak
Colin Doak
Technical Partner Manager
Geocortex Workflow 5 is a powerful tool that allows web-map developers to quickly and efficiently create complex user interfaces and geoprocessing tasks. However, just one or two design decisions can affect the quality and portability of your Workflow. In this article, I will outline some of the best practices that Geocortex’s Professional Services team applies when using Geocortex Workflow 5.   1. Parameterize Your Workflows Activities in Geocortex Workflow 5 require inputs such as URLs, f...

February 1, 2019

Creating a Report that Displays a Screenshot of the Map [Geocortex Tech Tip]

Patrick Fingler
Patrick Fingler
Technical Marketing Specialist
One of the elements we really can’t drill down on enough when it comes to Geocortex Reporting 5 is the amount of versatility this product has when it comes to visualization options. Whether it’s dynamic images, mailing labels, or attachments in your reports, there’s a lot you can do with this technology. In this Geocortex Tech Tip, we wanted to focus on yet another popular visual component that we’ve had a lot of our customers asking about: displaying screenshots of your maps. Drawing upon cap...

January 28, 2019

Diving Into Geocortex Reporting 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

Ryan Cooney
Ryan Cooney
Product Owner
Whether it’s broad information or a very specific set of data sources, Geocortex Reporting 5 has all the tools you need to create sophisticated reports in a way that suits your exact requirements. By using the web-based Geocortex Report Designer, you can utilize a variety of tools to help you organize your data and present your spatial insights using charts, tables, and other layouts. These reports can then be shared with your end users to produce on-demand, print-ready PDFs about maps and feature...

January 24, 2019

How Geocortex is Advancing Water Management Solutions

Shane Moore
Shane Moore
Digital Marketing Lead
A closer look at how web GIS and Geocortex technology is helping water professionals With the 2019 Esri Water GIS Conference now behind us, we wanted to take closer look at how web GIS and Geocortex technology has not only helped improve the daily practices of water professionals and how they carry out their various operations, but also the communities they serve as a whole. Source Water Protection Whether it’s managing storm drains, mitigating flood damage, or avoiding the contamination of potable water in our societies, water is a critical resource that must be protected at all...

January 16, 2019

Creating Custom User Experiences with Geocortex Workflow 5 [Webinar]

Ryan Cooney
Ryan Cooney
Product Owner
Geocortex Workflow 5 provides additional flexibility and value alongside your Esri applications. Rather than writing custom code to build the widgets you need to satisfy requirements in your Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® applications, chose from a growing library of activities to build virtually anything quickly and seamlessly. We’ve recently applied several big updates to Geocortex Workflow 5: in this webinar, we will give you an overview of the design experience, how the technology is being used i...

January 11, 2019

Showing the search results using the item picker in Geocortex Workflow 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

Ken Lyon
Ken Lyon
Software Developer
Geocortex Workflow 5 gives you the control to re-imagine the user experience in any way you see fit. With a constantly growing library of pre-built activities that can be chained together in nearly limitless ways, you can pick and choose which elements hide and appear based on how a user interacts with your application. An example of one of these elements is the search results section, which can be displayed in a variety of formats to make your end-users receive their spatial data in a way that cate...

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December 21, 2018

Integrating Pictometry, Bing and other 3rd party maps within your Geocortex applications

December 19, 2018

Recapping the Texas Geocortex Regional User Group

December 14, 2018

How to use Geocortex Workflow 5 to populate the Attribute Table in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS [Geocortex Tech Tip]

December 12, 2018

Finding yourself: Using geolocation in mobile and web applications [Webinar]

December 7, 2018

Enabling real-time user-to-user map collaboration within Geocortex Essentials

December 5, 2018

Reflecting on 2018

November 30, 2018

Creating mailing labels with reports with Geocortex Reporting 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

November 29, 2018

Alberta Energy Regulator: Supporting safe and responsible energy resource operations

November 26, 2018

Important update for ArcGIS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Support!

November 23, 2018

Using fine-grained security to control access to layers, features, attributes and application functionality [Geocortex Tech Tip]

November 21, 2018

Enhancing Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® with Geocortex Reporting [Webinar]

November 16, 2018

Using Geocortex Workflow 5 to automatically display a form for editing layer attributes [Geocortex Tech Tip]

November 15, 2018

Geocortex Achieves Esri’s “Release Ready Specialty” Designation

November 14, 2018

Celebrating GIS Day with York Regional Police: How GIS Data Has Mitigated Risk & Increased Efficiency in Crime Prevention

November 9, 2018

How to access a SQL database from a workflow using Geocortex Workflow 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

November 2, 2018

How to send an email from a workflow using Geocortex Workflow 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

October 26, 2018

How to add and configure charts inside reports with Geocortex Reporting 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

October 24, 2018

Geocortex Water Webinar Series

October 19, 2018

Integrating Geocortex Essentials with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise portal [Geocortex Tech Tip]

October 17, 2018

Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin [Webinar]

October 12, 2018

City of Fort Collins: Dynamic flood maps for public awareness, and flood insurance rate saving

October 2, 2018

Technology Q&A: Geocortex Workflow 5 “Behind the Firewall”

June 27, 2018

Geocortex Essentials 4.10 is here!

June 12, 2018

Geocortex and the GDPR

June 6, 2018

Geocortex at the 2018 Esri User Conference

May 15, 2018

Technology Q&A: The evolution of Geocortex and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

April 25, 2018

How to manage data collected from Geocortex Workflow 5 forms [Geocortex Tech Tip]

April 18, 2018

Delivering accessible mapping applications for everyone [Geocortex Tech Tip]

April 11, 2018

How to search for data in a non-spatial database [Geocortex Tech Tip]

April 5, 2018

Configuring Geocortex Analytics to monitor a new Portal for ArcGIS instance [Geocortex Tech Tip]

March 27, 2018

Getting started with forms in Geocortex Workflow 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

March 21, 2018

Using Geocortex Workflow with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS [Geocortex Tech Tip]

March 15, 2018

Understanding tool usage in your GIS applications [Geocortex Tech Tip]

March 7, 2018

Running Geocortex Essentials workflows from an identify operation [Geocortex Tech Tip]

March 2, 2018

GIS Health Assessment: A new way to think about your system

February 28, 2018

Using the in-app help system in Geocortex Workflow 5 [Geocortex Tech Tip]

February 21, 2018

How to configure a personalized dashboard in Geocortex Analytics [Geocortex Tech Tip]

January 25, 2018

GIS is shifting to SaaS, and it’s a win for everyone


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