It sure has been a busy few days. Although there are all-day technical workshops happening today and tomorrow, the main sessions of our 3rd annual user conference are now over. Based on initial feedback from staff and attendees (we haven't read all the evaluation forms yet), I'd say it was another successful event. The weather held out, and except for a digital projector dying mid-way through a presentation, everything went pretty smoothly. Even after the Road Ahead/Conference Recap Session, the audience went easy on us during the Q&A. I concluded the day with a pre-dinner paddle in the company kayaks with one of our International Distributors.

It's cool to see how people are actually using our stuff. I'm continually impressed by the creativity and zeal of our customers, and they always have lots of awesome ideas for new features and product enhancements.

In the coming weeks, we'll make presentations available for attendees to download. This year we also videotaped some presentations, which we might post on the web for folks to check out. But first, we've got our conference wrap party for staff on Friday night.