As a web-centric company that does predominately remote work, we have lots of customers we've never actually met face-to-face. Back in 2003 when we redesigned our website, we decided to use staff photos on our websites (, It's proven very popular with customers. We always hear about people hitting F5 a bunch of times to see the people they work with. We've even had job interviewees come in knowing everyone's name (that always kinda weirds everyone out, actually).

Anyway, the studio photo shoots are a hassle to set-up so we hadn't done one in a while, which meant many staff didn't have a photo up and the posted photos were getting outdated (Drew barely looks old enough to drive a car in his old photo). A few months ago I was browsing a photography store and had the bright (but dumb) idea of buying a whole prosumer lighting kit so we could do these photos in-house. I reasoned; I love photography and it'll be so easy to just snap a shot of new staff when they start! Easy, right? Wrong. Anyway, most of the new photos are up. I think they look okay given that we still haven't got the flash synched properly with the digital SLR we've been using.